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Tattoo artist Kelowna Lauren

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Ontario, Lauren graced our studio with her transcendent artistry in September 2021 during an extended guest spot, and to our delight, she chose to make it her artistic home. In her presence, the studio has blossomed into a haven of creativity and innovation.

Lauren's creative spirit finds its truest expression in the realm of large-scale, nature-inspired projects. Her penchant for capturing the essence of the natural world in vivid color or the subtle nuances of black & grey realism/neo-traditional is nothing short of spellbinding. Each of her creations is a harmonious fusion of artistic brilliance and the beauty of the natural world.

What truly sets Lauren apart is her unwavering love for a challenge. To her, every new project is an opportunity to push the boundaries of her artistry and explore uncharted territory. She thrives on turning your wildest ideas into breathtaking, inked realities that leave a lasting impression.

The stars have aligned, and the timing is perfect, as Lauren is currently welcoming new clients into her creative fold. To embark on a journey of artistic exploration with her, simply peruse her available designs on her Instagram page (linked below) and submit your inquiry using our user-friendly web form.

Lauren's artistry knows no bounds, and with her, you can transform your skin into a canvas of captivating, nature-inspired masterpieces that reflect your unique connection to the world around you. Join Lauren on this remarkable artistic adventure and discover the boundless possibilities of tattoo art.

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