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Preferred Style(s): Black & Grey Realism, Neo Traditional, Japanese


Shea joined our Kelowna studio to kick off his apprenticeship in the spring of 2022 and has since blossomed into an artist of remarkable versatility and finesse. His work, characterized by exceptional execution, reflects a maturity and refinement that belies his relatively fresh journey into the world of professional tattooing. No challenge is too daunting for Shea; he not only embraces every project with open arms but also infuses each piece with a preciseness that consistently exceeds expectations.

Aside from being an incredible artist, Shea's amicable nature and genuinely warm personality seem to set all of his clients at ease. With Shea, it's more than just a tattoo appointment; it's an experience. Whether you're in for your first ever tattoo or back for another full-day session, you're sure to feel the care and attention he dedicates to every appointment.

Check out his Instagram page (link below) for 'Wanna-Do' Designs and more examples of his beautiful work. To claim a spot with Shea, hit that 'Book Now' button.

@ink_by_ottey on Instagram
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