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Minimum Age & ID


A valid form of government-issued of photo identification must be presented at the time of appointment. Photos are NOT acceptable and I.D. must not be expired.

Minors under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent with matching last name, or legal guardian with valid legal paperwork (i.e. adoption papers or court documents)

The parent/guardian must present a valid, government-issued piece of PHOTO ID for his/herself, as well as:

 1) A birth certificate



2) A second form of valid government-issued ID for the minor (showing his/her full name and date of birth; i.e. Passport, Provincial ID or Care Card)​

  • Minimum piercable age is 10-years-old

  • Lobes only (10 to 13-years-old)

  • Nipples/Genitals/Dermals (18+ years-old)

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Piercing Minors

Due to a recent increase in the number of minors no-showing or showing up to their appointments without the required documentation (resulting in us having to refuse services), we've updated our policy in the hopes that this will reduce the number of vacancies created for our piercer(s).


We now require a credit card number be left on file (added at the time of booking) to protect against both no-shows and last minute cancellations (including refusal of service due to lack of required documentation).


Any cancellation within two (2) hours of the appointment start time (which includes failure to present all required documentation at the time of the appointment resulting in refusal of services) will result in the card on file being charged for the full amount of all services* on the booking. Service fees can be found here.


Service fees do NOT include jewelry, but are added to cover the cost of: time spent performing each piercing; the expertise and skill-level of our piercer; processing, set-up, and use of disposables. Last-minute cancellations result not only in loss of income for the studio/piercer, but also in the waste of costly supplies needed to set-up and prepare specifically for each appointment.

We also have a zero tolerance policy for rude, threatening, or discriminatory behaviour(s).

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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