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  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can submit an appointment request on our website by 1) visiting the “Booking” link within our header, or 2) by using the link found within your preferred artists portfolio Follow the page instructions and fill out the appointment request form as completely as possible. Once you’ve finished, click ‘Submit’ and wait for the confirmation message to appear. If you aren’t able to select your preferred artist from the drop down menu, that artist is not currently accepting new bookings. You can also call or pop into either studio during regular business hours to speak directly to a member of staff.
  • I’ve submitted my appointment request form online, when will I hear back from you?"
    We receive a large number of requests on the daily, so your patience as we process all of them is greatly appreciated! We’ll do our very best to respond to you as quickly as possible, however, your wait time will depend on the number of requests submitted before you (which makes it difficult to give an exact estimate; It could be hours, it could be days). (*Please be aware that we do not respond to mail outside of our regular business hours) In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our studio policies and pre-care recommendations to better prepare you for your upcoming appointment!
  • What is a consultation? Will I have to pay for it?
    Depending on your request, (and before your appointment is booked or a deposit is required), we may contact you to book a consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss your design, expectations, and to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have about getting a tattoo. You do NOT have to pay for your consultation. Make sure that you bring in any additional references you may have found since submitting your initial request. Once all parties are satisfied with the design/concept we will then book you in for your actual tattoo appointment (at which time a deposit will be due). This is also the time to notify your artist of any relevant medical conditions, allergies, upcoming travel plans, or anything that may potentially (adversely) affect the outcome on the day/throughout the healing period. If you aren’t sure about something…always ask! For example (with regard to health & safety, and as a requirement set by our insurance provider) we do require a doctor’s note before we can agree to tattoo anyone with any of the following conditions: heart disease, seizure disorders, diabetes (type I or II), blood disorders, and/or severe skin conditions. Please note, not every appointment will require a consult. These are usually reserved for larger, more complex custom pieces and cover-up work. For those wanting smaller tattoos, we will likely be able to book your tattoo appointment over the phone as soon as we receive your request. Your deposit may then be submitted via e-transfer and your confirmation will be sent via email. *Please refer to our Deposit & Cancellation Policy for important information.
  • I live out of town. How will my consultation work? How do I pay my deposit?
    Not to worry! If you live out of town or are unable to drive in for your consult, we can correspond with you via email or over the phone. Please then refer to our comprehensive pre care guide for detailed instructions on preparing for your upcoming tattoo appointment. Payment of your deposit can then be made via e-transfer by following the instructions provided by our booking team.
  • Will I get to see my design before the date of my appointment?
    For any custom work, a consult is the best time for you to discuss any specifics about a piece you're looking to get. Afterwards, the artist will take your ideas (likes/dislikes, fit/positioning, specific content &/or themes) and any reference photos provided into account when creating your design. Because a LOT of time goes into the design of each piece and artists have bookings daily, they need to prioritize the order of designs for clients in the same order as their bookings, often finalizing each design in the days leading up to the appointment. For this reason, your design will be available for you to see on the day of your appointment only. Any (minor) changes or adjustments that need to be made can be accommodated on that day, so long as there are no major changes requested to theme or content that would require a complete re-design. booked in with your artist because you loved his/her work, so trust is an important part of the process! The artist isn't going to design a piece that won't translate well as a tattoo or hold up over time. Additionally, because there is nothing stopping a client from taking a design sent out beforehand to another artist to have done elsewhere, this is our way of protecting the intellectual property rights of the artist.
  • How much will I have to put down as a deposit?
    Deposits are determined by the size of the tattoo and the artist that you’re booked in with. We require a minimum deposit of $100 to secure any appointment. Large-scale pieces, full day bookings, and appointments with any of our more seasoned artists will likely require larger amounts (check in with our booking team directly for the deposit requirements specific to your preferred artist). You may pay for your deposit with cash or via e-transfer If paying by e-transfer, please ensure that your deposit is sent to us by the end of the same day that you made your booking, otherwise the space(s) may be offered to the next person in line (especially if your artist carries a waitlist). A member of our booking team will provide you with the email and instructions on how to send. We’re set up for auto deposit, but in case your bank still asks you to create a security response, please make this: tattoo. Make sure to include your artist and the date of your appointment in the notes section of your transfer. Once the deposit shows as sent on your end, consider the date(s) confirmed! The deposit will then come off of the final cost of the tattoo on the day of your appointment. If you have a piece requiring multiple sittings, your deposit will be carried forward to each subsequent booking and will come off the cost on your final sitting. *For consecutive-day bookings (i.e. 2 days back-to-back), a deposit will be collected and subsequently applied for each day booked. **Please make sure to review our Deposits & Cancellation Policy prior to sending.
  • I can no longer make my scheduled appointment. What do I do? Will I get my deposit back?
    Please let us know as soon as possible! All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to others, with no exceptions. If you need to reschedule, your deposit may be applied to a new date one time provided we’re given adequate advance notice of two full operational business days (we’re open from Wednesday-Sunday, so keep this in mind if booking in on a Wednesday or Thursday as we’d need notice by the weekend prior). You must actually speak to a member of staff when rescheduling your appointment in order to retain your deposit. Text messages, IM’s, and emails are not acceptable methods of communication when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment (as artists are not responsible for managing their own bookings, social inboxes are not monitored by our booking team, and emails may not be read in time for us to fill the spot due to the sheer volume of inquiries that we receive). No shows, last-minute cancellations, or multiple requests to reschedule an appointment will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit to help cover the artist’s time spent designing and/or loss of income for the day. Because this can be an incredibly frustrating occurrence for an artist (as often many hours are spent outside of the studio on custom design work), we support their right to either refuse new booking requests or require advance payment in full from clients who no show or repeatedly reschedule/cancel appointments.
  • What is the cost for a tattoo? What is your shop minimum?
    The cost of a tattoo will be determined by a variety of factors including the size/location/colour/complexity of the piece, the artist’s rate, and your ability to sit throughout the appointment. The best way to get an accurate estimate is by speaking to your artist during a formal consultation or when booking your appointment. *Please keep in mind that an estimate is just that, an estimate. We will do our very best to be as accurate as possible, however, it may not be exact. The final cost will ultimately be determined by an artist’s individual rate (either fixed, or hourly based upon the length of the actual tattoo appointment). This can be discussed with our booking team ahead of time. The shop minimum for any tattoo is $100 (includes all small tattoos).
  • What form(s) of payment do you accept?
    At present, we accept cash or e­‐transfer for deposits so that we may accommodate out-­of-­town bookings. We accept cash only for the remaining balance of all tattoo appointments. *For online sales, jewelry, &/or piercing services; we accept cash, e-­transfer, debit & credit as these are separately run departments.
  • How far in advance are you booking appointments?
    Booking times may change quickly and will vary for each artist. Please visit the portfolio or booking sections of our website for current availability. If an artist’s books are closed, you’ll be unable to select them as your preferred artist on our booking request form. Estimating when artist’s books will re-open can be difficult as it largely depends on how long it takes them to work through any existing projects. When they do, we’ll make the announcement on our social media platforms and will then be able to accept new inquiries through the website. At present, due to the sheer volume of requests that we receive on a daily basis we’re unable to maintain waitlists as there’d be no possible way to guarantee everyone a space or specific timeframe. Make sure to follow our social media account(s) and have your notifications turned on to avoid missing out on real-time announcements and book openings.
  • Is there a waitlist or cancellation list?
    At present, due to the sheer volume of requests we receive on a daily basis we’re unable to maintain a waitlist (as there would be no way to guarantee everyone a space within a designated timeframe). Make sure to follow our social media account(s) (with notifications on) for real-time announcements on book openings to avoid missing out on your favourite artist(s). We do, however, have a cancellation list for each artist that we’d be happy to add you to provided: – The style/content of the piece is something that the artist would be able to take on – You’re available on a short-notice basis Clients with existing projects will be given preference whenever there is a cancellation or last-minute opening *Being added to a cancellation list does not guarantee you a booking.
  • Do you take walk-­ins?
    Walk‐in availability is determined on a daily basis. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updated information as it becomes available, or give us a call in the morning (between 10-­11am is best) and a member of staff will be able to update you on how the day is looking.
  • Is your online form the only way I can contact you to book an appointment?
    Sort of! For walk-ins, we accept clients on a first-come first-served basis, so just pop in! For advance bookings, you’ll need to submit a formal inquiry using our secure online booking request form so that you can review important information ahead of time and submit any reference photos you may have. If you can’t find specific information on our website OR if your inquiry is for a short-notice booking and you'd like to follow up, feel free to give us a call or pop into a nearby studio during regular business hours so that a member of our wonderful booking team can assist you. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our booking process.
  • What can I do to best prepare myself for my appointment?
    Once you’re booked in, please review our comprehensive pre‐care guide (Preparing for Your Tattoo Appointment) that consists of detailed instructions for you to follow in the time leading up to your appointment. It’s extremely important that you carefully follow these instructions to ensure the best possible outcome (and avoid potential issues that could lead to us not being able to proceed) on the day of your appointment.
  • What should I bring to my tattoo appointment?
    Please read our comprehensive pre-­care guide (Preparing for Your Tattoo Appointment), which includes a list of things you’ll need to bring, a list of things you may want to bring, and a list of things you should avoid bringing to your tattoo appointment. Your method of payment ($) ID Requirements Valid, government-issued photo identification must be presented at time of appointment. OUR COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS MAY IMPACT ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL’, Please see our current COVID-19 Policy
  • Can I bring my friends and family?
    When people other than the artist and client are present during the tattoo appointment, this limits studio space and creates unnecessary distraction for the artists within their working environment. For this reason, only the client will be permitted to remain at the work station. However, we do understand that getting a tattoo can be a very stressful experience for some and we’ll do our very best to accommodate one ‘hand-­holder’. It will ultimately be down to the discretion of the artist(s) as to the amount of traffic allowed within the tattooing area.
  • Does getting a tattoo hurt? Is there a pain-­free option?
    Unfortunately, tattoos hurt! Aside from simply being a work of art that is applied to your body, getting a tattoo is similar to having a minor medical procedure done. Your skin is penetrated by rapidly moving needles that deposit ink beneath the top layer of your skin. There are also many factors that may determine the severity of the pain felt by a client including: location, size, and style of tattoo; whether it is a cover-­up or rework; and condition, age, and pain tolerance of the client. All clients should ensure that they come adequately prepared for their appointment by following our comprehensive pre care guide (Preparing For Your Tattoo Appointment). As for ‘pain-­free’, there are a few options available for those who have a known low pain tolerance. Some clients will opt to use a topical numbing agent which can be purchased in­store anytime before your appointment.
  • Do you do cover-­ups of pre-­existing tattoos?
    We do, depending on the colour and quality of the pre-­existing tattoo and at the discretion of our artists. Please be aware that having a pre-existing tattoo severely limits what can be applied as a cover-up. Laser removal may be required in order for many tattoos to be effectively covered (and offers you, as the client, back your options!) *Consultations are required for all cover-­up and laser removal requests. For cover-up requests, visit our booking page For laser requests, call us
  • What is your policy on touch-­ups?
    We guarantee our work* and will provide touch-­ups free of charge within the first year following the appointment so long as proper aftercare was followed by the client in accordance with our comprehensive aftercare instruction guide. Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in poor healing and/or a washed-­out looking tattoo (i.e. gaps from skin trauma, fading from sun/tanning beds, etc.) that will be recognizable by your artist. In these cases, touch-­ups will be done at the expense of the client. It will be the responsibility of the client to follow up for any touch-up work needed. It's also important that you take your artist's advice if they discourage a particular style(s) of work in some areas. *We do NOT guarantee tattoos done on the neck, hands, wrists, feet, or flexion points as these areas are naturally prone to fading and rejection (especially hands and feet). Traditionally, solid black/fully saturated work/heavy linework tend to hold up best here; whereas delicate soft shading/ultra-fine illustrative/thin line work will not last (and will likely not even heal well the first time). Any touch-­up requests for these areas will be at the expense of the client. Visit our Touch Up Policy here
  • What is the minimum age that you will tattoo?
    You must be 18 years of age or older to be tattooed, regardless of parental consent. ID Requirements Valid, government-issued photo identification must be presented at time of appointment.
  • Can I get tattooed if I am pregnant or breast-­feeding?
    We will not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. A tattoo is essentially an open wound that could then become a gateway for opportunistic infections to enter the body. These could then be passed on to a nursing infant, putting that infant at risk as its’ underdeveloped immune system may not be able to cope with the infection. An infection during pregnancy or breastfeeding could also result in miscarriage or un­necessary exposure to antibiotics that may disrupt the healthy fetal/infant micro biome. There is no benefit that a new tattoo could provide that would outweigh the risk of a potential complication during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.
  • Can you tattoo over a scar or a stretch mark?
    This all depends on the size/type/age of the scar or stretch mark. We will not tattoo over new or fresh scars (pink/purple in colour), as they haven’t yet completed the healing process. You’ll also need to keep in mind that ink may not behave the same way in the scar as it will in healthy tissue. It’s much harder to control what the ink will do once it enters the scar tissue. Consultations are required for any tattoos that will be done over a scar or stretch mark.
  • What if I’m unsure about what I want as a tattoo?
    Getting a tattoo can be a very personal journey, therefore it may be difficult for an artist to design your tattoo without a good sense of your vision. You should at least have a general sense of what you want before you request an appointment unless you plan on giving your artist free reign over the entire piece and process, or are simply interested in available flash designs. If that isn’t the case, it’s likely best to wait until you’re more certain about what you’d like before booking an appointment.
  • How do I choose an artist?
    Each of our artists will have a limited portfolio of work on our website. More comprehensive/up-to‐date portfolios can be found on our social media accounts. We encourage you to pick an artist that you think is best suited to do the style of tattoo you’d like. If you’re unsure about which artist that may be, we’d be happy to recommend one that we think will be the best fit!
  • How do I care for my tattoo? (When can I go to the gym / go swimming / tanning / etc?)
    Once you have your new tattoo (and before you leave the shop), please review our Comprehensive Aftercare Guide. Strict adherence to this guide will be essential in ensuring your tattoo is given the best possible opportunity to heal. Within this guide you’ll also find recommendations on healing times (including the length of time that you should wait before participating in certain activities). A good rule of thumb is to wait AT LEAST 2 weeks (prior to gyms/pools/saunas/etc) to allow for the skin surface to heal enough to prevent both infection and/or damage to the tattoo. If you choose to tan or go into the sun once healed, ALWAYS cover your tattoo with a high SPF sunscreen (available in-studio), or wear a clean, protective piece of clothing as a barrier to prevent fading.
  • Is there anything that would make me ineligible to be tattooed?
    We will not tattoo anyone who: is under the influence of heavy sedatives, illicit drugs, or alcohol is under the age of 18. is taking blood thinners, immuno‐suppressants, or antibiotics. is going through fertility treatments suffers from hemophilia is sunburned has other skin conditions that may make tattooing the area impossible Please note that due to requirements set by our insurance provider, we do require a doctor’s note before we can agree to tattoo anyone with any of the following medical conditions: heart disease, seizure disorders, diabetes, skin or blood disorders. *There are no exceptions to this, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It’s also important to let your artist know if you have a personal or family history of keloid scarring. **If you show up on the day of your appointment and we find that any of the above apply (or that you’re not in possession of a doctor’s note as indicated), we won’t be able to proceed with the appointment due to safety & liability issues and your deposit will be forfeit. We also have a zero-­tolerance policy for rude, discriminatory, or threatening behaviour.
  • Why does my artist want to know if I smoke? Own pets?
    Getting your tattoo is only half the battle. Once your artist is finished, it’s now up to you, the client, to ensure that it’s given the absolute best opportunity to heal. Because a tattoo is essentially just an open wound with pigment in it, your body will need everything it would normally need to heal any wound (which includes an adequate supply of oxygen). When you smoke, the level of oxygen that’s usually delivered to any wound is diminished, preventing it from receiving some of the most vital components of healing. This is why smoking has been associated with both delays and impairments in the healing process. Clients who smoke do so at risk of negatively affecting their tattoo. Pets can also create opportunities for infection as they can carry a wide array of ‘nasties’ (i.e. Pasteurella, Salmonella, Stapylococcus, E-coli, etc). This is something to be aware of both prior to/following your appointment.
  • What is your policy on infection control and sterilization?
    It’s our goal to uphold the highest-­level of sanitation and remain at the forefront of health and safety by implementing the latest evidence-based practices in relation to infection control. Rocky Mountain Tattoo is 100% Disposable. Every needle (tattoo and piercing) is single use, EO sterilized and vacuum-­sealed; and is disposed of in a hospital ­grade manner following each appointment. All inks and disposables come from reputable suppliers located in either Canada or the US. Our inks are certified vegan and organic, and are never reused. Piercing jewelry is sterilized in-house using our top-of-the-line Statim autoclave (an industry gold-standard). Our artists have been trained at an incredibly high level when it comes to infection control, asepsis, and knowledge of blood-­borne pathogens (as one is a former paramedic and another an actively registered nurse). We recognize the importance of maintaining strict hygienic practices throughout the tattoo process and strive to assist both our team and clients with this same principal through the use of continued education and resources. We encourage all of our clients and visitors to ask questions, and will happily discuss any of our practices upon request.
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