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Alex Roze



Preferred Style(s); Traditional / Neo-Traditional / Black & Grey Realism


NOW BOOKING: JUNE 1 - 18, 2024


Introducing our regular Rocky Mountain guest artist, Alex Roze. Alex hails from Latvia and owns a killer studio in London, UK (Princelet Tattoo Studio). 

Specializing in the vivid, timeless realms of Traditional & Neo-Traditional artistry, along with the haunting, ethereal landscapes crafted within his black and grey tattoos, Alex seamlessly intertwines the old and new, breathing life and modern vibrancy into each timeless image he creates. His pieces, whether they echo the bold, clean lines and vibrant colors of tradition or whisper the subtle, smoky secrets of monochrome, are crafted with a delicate, meticulous touch and a deeply ingrained respect for each style's rich history.

Alex finds joy in projects of all scales, from the intimately small and symbolic to the grand, sweeping epics that grace larger expanses of skin. Each piece, regardless of size, is forged with an equal measure of dedication and passion, ensuring every client walks away with something profoundly special.

@jpeg_tattooer on Instagram
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