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Our Policy on Touch Ups

What's Covered


We will provide touch-­ups free of charge (with the exception of certain areas; read below) within the first year following the appointment so long as proper aftercare was followed by the client in accordance with our comprehensive aftercare instruction guide.

Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in poor healing and/or a washed-­out looking tattoo (i.e. gaps from skin trauma, fading from sun/tanning beds, etc.) that will be recognizable by your artist. In these cases, touch-­ups will be done at the expense of the client.


It will be the responsibility of the client to follow up for any touch-up work needed.



What's NOT Covered

We do not guarantee tattoos that are done on the hands, wrists, feet, neck, or flexion points as these areas are naturally prone to fading and rejection (especially hands and feet). Traditionally, solid black/fully saturated work/heavy line work tend to hold up best in these areas; whereas delicate soft shading/ultra-fine illustrative/thin line work will not last (and will likely not even stay/heal well after the first pass).

It's important that you take your artist's advice if they discourage a particular style(s) of work in a certain area.

Any touch-­up requests for these areas will be at the expense of the client.

You will be asked to sign off on this on our waiver prior to your appointment.

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