Deposit & Cancellation Policy


Deposits vary, and are determined by the size of the tattoo and the artist that you’re booked in with. We require a minimum deposit of $100 to secure any appointment (which can be paid by cash or e-transfer). 

Artists will not begin creating custom designs before a deposit is paid.


Appointment slots are only confirmed once we've received your deposit. If booking by phone, please ensure that it's sent to us by the end of the same day that you made your booking otherwise the space(s) may be offered to the next person in line (especially if your artist carries a waitlist). 


Deposits can be sent to the email provided by our friendly booking staff. We're set up for auto deposit, but in case your bank still asks you to create a security response, please make this: tattoo 

Make sure to include your artist and the date of your appointment in the notes section, and once the deposit shows as sent on your end, consider the date(s) confirmed! 




All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to others, with no exceptions. If you need to reschedule, your deposit may be transferred to a new date one time provided we're given adequate notice (two operational business days). We're open from Wednesday to Sunday, so keep this in mind if booking in on a Wednesday or Thursday as we would need your notice the weekend prior.


You must actually speak to a member of staff when rescheduling your appointment in order to retain your deposit. Text messages/IM's are not acceptable methods of communication when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment (as artists are not responsible for managing their own bookings, and social inboxes are not monitored by our booking team). If notifying us by email, keep in mind that it may not be read in time for us to fill the spot (due to the sheer volume of mail we receive on a daily basis) and that we still require that you communicate directly with a member of staff in order to confirm the booking change.  

*Please note; we do not hold onto deposits for clients who are unable to provide an alternative date for the appointment when rescheduling. 

No shows and last-minute cancellations


No shows, last-minute cancellations, or multiple requests to reschedule an appointment will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit to help cover the artist's time spent designing and/or loss of income for the day.

Because this can be an incredibly frustrating occurrence for an artist (as often many hours are spent outside of the studio on custom design work), we support their right to either refuse new booking requests or require advance payment in full from clients who no show or repeatedly reschedule/cancel appointments.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for rude, threatening, or discriminatory behaviour