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Tattoo artist Kelowna Jim

Meet Jaim, the visionary behind the artistry and heart of Rocky Mountain Tattoo Ltd. Not only is she the Owner and Operations Manager, but she also holds the prestigious role of a resident tattoo artist and oversees the captivating world of piercing and luxury jewelry at Soul Piercing in Kelowna. Jaim's multifaceted talents have woven a tapestry of creativity and excellence within our studio.

Intriguingly, Jaim's journey is as diverse as her artistic palette. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a testament to her unwavering dedication to the well-being of others. For nearly a decade, she has served as a registered nurse in the demanding arena of acute care, where her compassionate nature and expert care have made a profound impact on countless lives.

Within the realm of tattoo artistry, Jaim is a luminary, specializing in the enchanting realms of both black & grey realism and color surrealism. Her artistic sensibilities are deeply rooted in her affinity for nature and florals, which she seamlessly infuses into her work, creating masterpieces that pulsate with life.

As Jaim expands our luxury jewelry and retail departments to new heights of opulence, her tattoo appointment books are temporarily closed. However, this pause in her tattooing journey is merely a testament to her ceaseless pursuit of artistic evolution and excellence.

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