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Preferred Style(s); Blackwork (Realism or Linework)


Introducing apprentice artist, Karleigh (Karl). Karleigh has spent the past few years working as a nail technician, and has now transitioned full-time into her tattoo apprenticeship. 

She's got a rock-steady hand  and an incredible eye for detail as evidenced by the smaller pieces she's already completed. Her natural aptitude for the craft will no doubt reflect in a quick progression to larger, more complex pieces. She's the perfect choice for anyone looking for something small and dainty, and will be taking walk-ins all summer until her books fill up. 

Anyone interested in a tattoo by Karleigh can chance a walk-in (first-come, first-served), or submit a booking request form by hitting the link below. Priority will always be given to bookings secured with a deposit, so if you're planning a trip into Kelowna in the near future, best get in touch in advance. 

@tattooedbykarl on Instagram
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