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Tattoo artist Kelowna Kaysie

Preferred Style(s): Large-scale Black & Grey Realism / Fine Line Illustrative


Kaysie, although acquainted with a myriad of styles, offers a particularly evocative journey through her Black and Grey Realism. Her work is an immersive exploration of shadows and light, where each piece conjures a poignant narrative through meticulously crafted detail. From the gentle gradation of a somber sky to the profound depths in the eyes of her portraits, Kaysie's expertise lies in capturing the subtle, silent whispers of a moment frozen in time, and elegantly transcribing them onto skin.

Her versatility, an ode to her 'Jane of all trades' moniker, also sees Kaysie dancing adeptly between various tattoo genres. Her portfolio is a vibrant cascade of diverse stories, from the vividly detailed to the delicately minimalist, each piece a reflection of her adaptive and expansive artistry.

As she now embarks on major commissions, Kaysie is weaving dreams into reality for her clientele, with every carefully considered stroke. Whether it be a gentle tribute or a bold declaration, your story is safe within her skillful hands, ready to be immortalized with a potent blend of precision and soul.

To commence your journey with Kaysie, to co-create a piece that echoes your story, click on the 'Book Now' button and step into a world where your visions are tenderly brought to life through the exquisite art of tattooing."

@kaysiepaints on Instagram

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