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Preferred Style(s): Black & Grey/Colour Realism

Introducing Nolan, one of Kelowna's newest budding tattoo artists.

From the get-go, Nolan has shown an incredible knack for crisp/& delicate line work, solid blackwork, and soft shading.  He's since dove headlong into large-scale projects in black & grey realism that have been turning heads all over the Okanagan. His goal is to fill his books with these (and similar) projects in both colour and/or black and grey,

but here's the cool part – Nolan's not just about his own ideas. He's all ears for your thoughts, whether it's a redo or a cover-up. He wants to make sure your tattoo is a true reflection of your story.

Ready to start your own artistic adventure with Nolan? Just hit 'Book Now.' It's more than an appointment; it's a creative collaboration where your ideas blend with Nolan's artistry, leaving you with a tattoo that's uniquely yours.

@tattooedbynolan on Instagram
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