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The Age of COVID-19

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

It’s important that you're aware of some recent changes we’ve had to make to ensure the health & safety of our artists, our staff, and YOU!

“It's a strange new world we live in, but we're all in this together!”

First off (and probably most important), we CANNOT proceed with your appointment if any of the following applies:

  • You're experiencing COVID‐19-like symptoms such as fever, chills, new or worsening cough, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches and/or headache.

  • You've flown or travelled internationally within the past 14 days, unless you've been fully vaccinated. We're also closely monitoring safety recommendations made by local health authorities surrounding domestic travel and will update affected clients as necessary.

  • You're involved in the direct patient care, or are living in the same household as a confirmed or suspected (in any way symptomatic) COVID-19 case who is self-isolating.

  • You've been asked to self-isolate by your local Public Health Authority.

Please stay home if you're feeling unwell or if you’ve recently been in contact with anyone who’s sick. If you show up to your appointment displaying any signs of illness, we won’t be able to proceed and everyone will be sad.

When entering the studio, clients must follow the safety measures we’ve implemented to minimize the risk of exposure:

  • Please don't bring accompanying people with you, as only those with booked appointments will be permitted within the service areas. We encourage anyone to browse the retail department, but as this space doubles as our reception please save the seating for clientele who are awaiting services. Our very friendly front of house staff can assist you if you're unsure about where to go!

  • No food or beverages may be brought into the studio. We kindly ask that lunch or snack breaks be taken outside, in your vehicle, or at one of the many awesome local cafes or restaurants in the area.

  • Mask advisories must be followed at all times within the studio as per our local health authorities (which may differ depending on studio location). Masks, when worn, should not be touched by the wearer and should remain in place at all times. Because our job requires us to remain in prolonged, close contact with our clientele; we respectfully ask that anyone who has not achieved full vaccination status (at least 2 weeks following their second dose) please continue to wear a mask for the safety of our artists.

  • Please wash visibly-soiled hands, and/or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer: upon entering, after touching any part of the face (including the face mask), before touching designated studio surfaces (especially after handling money or personal items), and upon leaving the studio. We will continue to implement the highest standard of disinfection within our studios, and in return we respectfully ask that you utilize effective hygienic practices during your appointment.

  • Please be mindful to avoid contact with surfaces that are not designated for client use (i.e. tattoo stations), and minimize the number of items you bring in with you. Please leave large purses/backpacks/bags at home and bring only one or two essential items with you.

  • Keeping a safe distance of 6 feet from each other keeps us all safe! Allow our staff to direct you to your designated space and avoid wandering to other areas of the studio/invading other artists' 'bubbles' (even if their current projects look really really cool).

As annoying as this all may be, this will be the new ‘norm’ for those of us working in close proximity to others (and really, the only way to ensure that we can keep both you and our staff/artists safe). Your support won’t go unnoticed and we truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

**For prospective clients, please connect with us via our web booking form or by phone rather than in-person. We can arrange consults online or by phone, and will accept your deposits via e-transfer

***If you’ve been exposed to anyone confirmed or presumed to have COVID-19, or to anyone with possible symptoms of COVID-19, you should call HealthLink at 8-1-1 for an assessment and to determine any necessary next steps.

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